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  • 07.06.2022
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Abramo | 08.06.2022
When you see the smile of happiness, it is rude to immediately unbutton your wallet.
Khair A. D. | 11.06.2022
The interesting moment
Nehn | 12.06.2022
Talent, you won't say anything...
Jerick | 13.06.2022
I am very grateful to you. A big thank you.
Dukasa | 14.06.2022
I had a similar situation. I pondered for a long time how to get out of the water dry-footed. A friend said a decision, just something I make so hastily, changes everything that has been painstakingly acquired. I decided to be patient first, to take a closer look at how it turns. What can I say? Water wears away the stone. It really, really does. I advise the author not to be sad. As the song says, "All life ahead."
Deveon | 15.06.2022
stupid speeding!!! super

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